Set Yourself on the Path To Financial Freedom

Set Yourself on the Path To Financial Freedom

Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in Cleveland, OH

Trust Bruce Mielziner, Attorney at Law to help you navigate the complicated chapter 7 bankruptcy process. Since 1968, I’ve helped numerous Cleveland residents eliminate their debt, stop creditor harassment and find the financial relief they deserve.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy cancels out many or all of your debts by using the money from your liquidated, nonexempt property to repay your creditors. To be approved for this option, you must not qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and you can’t have filed for bankruptcy in the last six to eight years.

There are a variety of steps to take when filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy –explore your options with Bruce Mielziner, Attorney at Law by your side. Schedule a free consultation by calling 216-595-8222.

Rely on extensive legal experience to tackle your toughest cases

Make sure you’re fully informed throughout your legal matter and that you’re being represented by a knowledgeable attorney – choose Bruce Mielziner, Attorney at Law. In addition to chapter 7 bankruptcy assistance, I can also help you with:

  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy 

  • Business incorporation/formation
Purchase/sale of company 

  • Shareholder disputes
Employee issues

  • Liquor license issues
Bankruptcy assistance
Estate matters 

  • Personal injury 

  • Divorce

  • Separation 

  • Spousal/Child support

  • Child custody
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